1. All surfers must be able to swim at least 50m in open water.
  2. Ensure that you are covered by public liability insurance – join the BSA.
  3. Ensure that your surfing equipment is kept in good condition at all times.
  4. Always wear a leash to prevent you from loosing your surfboard (or body board). For you, your board is a safety device, for other water users it is a lethal weapon.
  5. Have consideration for other water users, including anglers.
  6. Never surf alone or immediately after eating a meal.
  7. Never mix surfing with alcohol or other drugs.
  8. In the UK always wear a wetsuit.
  9. If you are a beginner, never hire a surfboard without being given instruction by a BSA qualified instructor.
  10. Be considerate to other beach users when carrying your board to the water.
  11. Always obey lifeguards’ instructions and be prepared to assist them if required.
  12. Where possible, surf in recognised surfing areas and use lifeguard patrolled beaches.
  13. When paddling out avoid surfers who are riding waves.
  14. When taking a wave see that you are clear of other surfers. Remember, if someone else is already riding the wave you must not take off.
  15. Be environmentally friendly. Always leave the beach and other areas as you would wish to find them.

Above information compiled by the British Surfing Association. Telephone: 01637 876474